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How Many Christmas Lights for my Tree

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If you are decorating a Christmas tree for the first time then chances are you’ll want to get it right! This means creating a decorative style that is perfectly proportioned to the tree in terms of tinsel, baubles and lights. Christmas lights have come on leaps and bounds in terms of style and technology and […]

Warm White & Cool White LED Christmas Lights

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Now that you have decided to invest in LED Christmas lights, it is time to consider the type of ambience you want to create with your Christmas display. LED Christmas lights are structured differently than incandescent Christmas lights, which can lead to confusion if you purchase “white” LED lights without doing any research. LED bulbs […]

M5 LED Christmas Lights

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M5 LED Christmas Lights and How To Decorate With Them. written by: Richawriter Decorating Using The M5 Style of LED Christmas Lights   Christmas is that special time when Conifers are decorated, presents are wrapped and lights are brought out to be strewn around the house and garden. Traditionally, Christmas Lights would be of the […]

LED vs. Incandescent Christmas Lights

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For conscious consumers with large Christmas displays, seeking environmentally conscious options is just as important as having a well-balanced and gorgeous presentation. The costs of replacing your Christmas lights can be daunting, even when it is just standard maintenance to replace broken bulbs, bad fuses, or damaged plugs or wiring. Regardless if you are upgrading […]